Funnels and Websites

Funnels vs Websites

This first video explains the key differences between building pages in the Funnel Builder vs Website Builder. Specifically they are that: 1. The layout of the dashboard is different 2. Only funnels have the ablity to: a) Redirect forms/calendars/surveys to a 'next step' b) Use order forms to sell products and services So one common use of the two areas is to have your main website in the 'website area' and the 'opt-in' or 'sales' funnels built in the 'funnel area'. Remember you can also ...

Funnel Builder Overview

This video shows a general introduction on using the funnel builder.

Allocating a domain to your funnel

This video shows how to connect a custom domain to your funnel. Note that using a sub domain is covered at 4:11 into the video.

Adding a domain using Cloudflare

This video shows how you can use a free Cloudflare account to easily add your existing domain, or a subdomain to your platform for use in funnels and websites. You can get started with Cloudflare at

Create and Add a Favicon

This video shows how to create and install a Favicon to your funnel pages. This is the little icon that shows up on a browser tab label.

The Funnel Page Editor

This video walks through the foundations of the funnel page editor. It explains the interface and how Sections, Rows, Columns and Elements interact.

Page Editor - Individual Page Settings

This video shows how to use the page settings area on the individual page editor. This includes setting SEO Metadata, Custom CSS, Custom Tracking Code, Typography and Page Background.

Advanced Page Editor Walkthrough

This video shows how to use the page editor at a more advanced level to create AMAZING looking pages. Ultimately it showcases how to use the custom settings of sections, rows, columns and elements to create whatever look you want without needing any fancy coding skills!

Saving Sections

This video shows how to save sections as templates that can be reused on other pages in your funnel or website builder.

Creating and Editing Pop Ups

This video shows how to create and edit your pop ups on each page.

Mobile Optimisation of Funnel Pages

p>This video shows how to customise the mobile version of your pages.

Adding One -Time Products to your Funnels

This video shows how to add a one-time product to your funnel. You will need a Stripe integration setup which is covered in another video.

Adding a Subscription Product

This video looks at how to create a recurring subscription product